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Professional Driver Manager

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises

Milan, IN, USA
Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024

The primary mission of the Professional Driver Manager is to care for and support a fleet that consists of 25-40 professional drivers. The Professional Driver Manager is responsible and accountable to perform the essential duties and responsibilities listed below.


1. Always adhere to our core value to be SAFE

  • Monitor all professional drivers under your care to make sure they are given the proper time and information to be completely safe and successful with every load assignment
  • Coach all professional drivers to focus on safety with the highest priority and coordinate with the Safety Department if that standard is not met
  • Follow all company guidelines and procedures related to proper cargo safety and security
  • Monitor all high risk / high value shipments, complete the HVHR checklist, and verbally discuss it with the professional driver every time for every HVHR shipment

2. Always adhere to our core value to be LEGAL

  • Monitor all professional drivers under your care and make sure they have the necessary hours of service (HOS) available to complete every load assignment legally
  • Coordinate with planning and the Safety Department to satisfy all special routing requests entered by the Safety Department in a timely fashion to remain compliant with all regulatory guidelines
  • Monitor all hazardous material shipments, complete the HAZMAT checklist, and verbally discuss it with the professional driver every time for every HAZMAT shipment

3. Always adhere to our core value to be ON TIME

  • Coach professional drivers through proper trip planning to achieve on time delivery
  • Track all professional drivers in Manhattan (Hemispheres) to monitor for potential service failures and notate your work by utilizing the proper Manhattan tracking codes
  • Adhere to the verbal dispatch procedure for all high-profile customer shipments and notate your work with the VBDP Manhattan tracking code
  • Measure on-time delivery performance for individual professional drivers and provide feedback and coaching to minimize preventable service failures

4. Facilitate communication between the professional driver and all departments within the organization

  • Accurately maintain a daily Professional Driver Manager check sheet to prompt proper communication and ensure dispatch processes and procedures are followed
  • Communicate all professional driver retention issues to senior management for involvement as soon as an issue is identified
  • Respectfully provide consistent, accurate, and thorough dispatch information to all professional drivers
  • Accurately and thoroughly communicate operational issues and freight needs via the Daily Capacity email
  • Communicate professional driver home time requirements to all operational personnel to meet the professional driver’s needs
  • Provide timely tracking communication to the proper Customer Service Representative if there are any potential service failures and utilize proper Manhattan tracking codes
  • Promptly schedule professional drivers for required preventative maintenance on all equipment and communicate the schedule between planning and maintenance
  • Maintain current and accurate data in the transportation management system (TMS) to communicate the professional driver’s status, PTA, RDO, location, and all other relevant needs through check call entry
  • Communicate turnover items to off hours coverage team members via proper turnover procedure (night, weekend, lunch etc.)

5. Advocate and monitor for proper professional driver utilization

  • Utilize weekly Supervisor Revenue for Retained and Gained Drivers KPI report to identify professional drivers that may be in jeopardy of not achieving goals and advocate to operations leadership for improvement
  • Advocate for the professional driver’s home time requirements to all operational personnel to meet the professional driver’s requested days out (RDO)
  • Properly evaluate and maintain accurate routing within the transportation management system (TMS) and make sure the professional driver’s projected time of availability (PTA) is set correctly
  • Advocate to keep the professional driver within their preferred lane of travel and operational area

6. Support all professional drivers by fostering a kind and respectful work environment to positively impact professional driver retention

  • Mentor each professional driver and respectfully engage them in the cause and effects of their performance, which will impact professional driver retention
  • Treat each professional driver as if they are family with all the patience, respect, and kindness that comes with that

7. Maintain knowledge of current technology platforms

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